Anna Dodson

Software Engineer


Remote Desktop to Windows from Ubuntu

 Oct 21, 2018

Remote Desktop from Ubuntu Using Remmina

I use Windows at work and Ubuntu at home. To work from home I remote desktop onto my work machine using the work VPN. Here are the steps I took to get it set up and working.

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Quick Getting Started MongoDB Commands

 Oct 6, 2018

New to MongoDB

I recently needed to interact with a Mongo Database for the first time and I found myself trying to remember these shell commands quite often so I’ve documented them here for future reference.

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School STEM Careers Talk

 Mar 5, 2018

Nottingham Girls High School Careers Event

I spoke at the NGHS Careers in STEM evening about my role as a Software Engineer and what I actually do every day. I also tried to answer some common stereotypes and myths I often come across. The evening was aimed at encouraging the students into STEM careers by showcasing some of the different careers out there.

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Tech Nottingham Student Event

 Nov 30, 2017

Tech Nottingham student outreach event with Experian

Tech Nottingham ran an evening event at Experian’s offices for students in Nottingham, there were talks by ex-students and local businesses to talk about working life, tech in general, getting a job in tech and why the tech scene in Nottingham is the best! I gave a short talk on my experience of being a student, going into the workplace, going back to uni and now working as a developer in Nottingham. I wanted to convey that job hunting can be tough and share my experiences and the ups and downs I’ve had.

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Hackference 2017

 Oct 26, 2017

Hackference - a Conference and Hack

I attended Hackference, a conference for learning and playing with new fun stuff. It’s based in Birmingham and is a very community focused event, the conference is for learning and then a 24 hour hackathon is run over the weekend to build something with the new things everyone’s learnt and the sponsors APIs.

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Django Girls

 Sep 24, 2017

Djagno, girls, cake and MVC at CodeUps workshop

I started learning programming in Python but I’ve never used Django before so time to learn! Django Girls is a community led effort to help more women into programming by providing a safe space to learn and a supportive community full of inspiring mentors and helpful resources.

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Networking for Muggles

 Sep 18, 2017

How to get a website. Explaining networking to non-technical stakeholders

How to explain web development to non technical work people? There’s many different stakeholders involved in building a website in a web agency, how to explain how it’s built and put together if they have no knowledge of web building?

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A Talk on Ransomware for Linney Labs

 Jul 23, 2017

$300 to Get Your Files Back

I did a talk explaining Ransomware to the rest of the company recently. The talk covered what Ransomware is and why it’s become such a successful malware, looking in particular at the WannaCry outbreak and an overview of public/private key encryption.

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Browser Security

 May 4, 2017

May the Fourth be With You - Talk at Women in Tech Meetup

I regularly attend the Women in Tech Notts meetups, I really enjoy the wide variety of talks and meeting interesting and friendly people - plus free pizza! When Jess (Team organiser) asked me if I wanted to give a talk I was a bit unsure what I could do a talk on but also excited to be a speaker at the meetup.

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 Nov 1, 2016

October is for Beer and Hacktoberfest

Super proud to have taken part in Hacktoberfest this year! It was hard to find stuff to contribute too, loads of projects I wanted to contribute to but not many I felt I could do. Aim for next year, have loads more contributions under my belt!

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Spirit of the Hack

 Oct 29, 2016

Hackference Hackathon

Last weekend I was at Hackference! A weekend hack in Birmingham for students and non students sponsored by Algolia, Microsoft, Pusher, Pebble and loads more.

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TIL - Today I Learned

 Oct 6, 2016

This Week I've Learned.

I’ve been doing a lot of driving recently so I’ve taken the opportunity to listen to some of my favourite tech and programming podcasts.

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Hello World

 Sep 20, 2016

Welcome to my new website!

I’ve just finished doing my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Nottingham. I handed in my summer project last week and I’m now doing freelance web development and looking for a new career opportunity.

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